Wolf Howl 5.16.2019

Hello Dear Friends!

It has been quite some time since I have written one of these. I felt it was long overdue.

As many of you know. I shut the tv studio down five years ago. The building had been sold, and I had to move on. I had hoped at that time to travel. But circumstances kept me here in the Southern Wisconsin area. That studio ran a deficit of 150.00 per day. I would end up 40k in the hole. During the last several years. I have whittled away at this debt. I am pleased to report that I am down to just under 1100.00 on my credit report! Every month since i was not paying rent and utilities. I put as much funds into that debt as possible. It is a wonderful feeling to finally see the light at the end of the financial debt tunnel. My next step will be to get a credit card, pay for my bills and purchases. Then pay it off before due dates. So that my credit score can go higher. I wish to purchase a decent vehicle so that I can finally travel to do concerts and be guest speaker at various events and progressive churches.

As of November 6, 2018. I have secured a 1 bedroom apartment. It is a lovely unit. with built in washer and dryer. It has a dishwasher. Downstairs is an exercise room with equipment. there is also a lounge that is free for me to use for pot lucks and such, and a meeting room that is called flex space. Underground parking is available for an additional 50 bucks a month. I hope to get rid of the van soon, and purchase a smaller 4 wheel drive vehicle that can fit in there. I did not have the funds to move into this apartment. A complete stranger on twitter in Mineral Point. Paid my security deposit, first months rent, and part of second months rent to move in. It really was the jump start that I needed to maintain a wonderful place such as this. Some of you had donated to help me get a place. For that I am eternally grateful. Those funds went toward my debts.

This week, I sent a letter of resignation to the Unity Of Madison Board Of Trustees as Lead Tech for the Churches Tech Services. I have been involved in some capacity since around 2006. I’m not exactly sure of the year as it was a very dark period in my life. I considered this sacred service to be incredibly important, I still do. I am however, physically exhausted from rising up so early on Sunday mornings to get spiritually centered, then go to the church to set up for meditation service, and then to run the main service tech. Usually, i have been first one there to unlock the doors, and last one to leave to check the doors.

I am in Spirit’s hands, and confident. There is no animosity toward Unity of Madison Church. But, it is time for me to do the things I am called to do. The work i did for Unity was important, but it is not my calling. It is a skill set. So I must do what Spirit has been tugging at my heart for some time to do.

I am in the process of revamping my Red Dragon TV program. I have been streaming again on wed and friday evenings. Doing a video jock show. a lot like old school mtv. Over time the program will become bigger. No doubt in my mind. I lost track of the impact i was having on the world at 8.2 million viewers. That is quite an accomplishment. In the past this community project was about independent media broadcasting. I had felt there just wasn’t enough quality alternative programming. I still feel this way. However, my new focus for this project will be to see if I can raise enough money to cover the costs of helping homeless veterans and non-veterans get into safe and affordable housing. Some of those funds of course, would be used for operational costs. However, this time I plan on keeping the overhead to a minimum. Not having a public access studio. When I first started the program. Few had video camera’s or the ability to stream live. It is much easier now for “guests” to come onto my program from very remote locations.

During that time period of being homeless. I would eat often at community meals. so that I could put even more money toward my debt. I can’t even begin to describe for you some of the hopelessness that so many feel right now. So many of them are going through very dark times. Often entire families that can’t afford a place to live. Yet mom and dad both are working two jobs. While the beautiful children sit in the back of vehicles and do their homework for school.

After i had found a place to live and I started letting people know that I was no longer homeless. Many, had no clue that I was in that situation. I heard again and again that they were amazed at how clean I was, and that my clothing was not dirty. That I walked with my head up high. This was not difficult, My needs were met living in that van. The dogs and I were safe. What more could I ask for? An apartment, that’s what!

I am ready to be the minister I was called to be. To speak the various truths that have been revealed to me. Some things that have really stuck with me. In recent years people have said things like “you walk the walk” you have no idea the impact that has had on my being. My faith has always been strong. In the good times, and the bad. Hence why I sing the song “God On The Mountain.”

Hermes and Chewy are doing great. Chewy just had major dental operations at wiscares. I was a bit nervous and did not know how to pay that off. While Chewy was at the vet getting the work done. Rather than get worried or upset about this. I prayed and meditated on what I should do. I felt coaxed to do the following… I had put the word out on my twitter feed. Within four hours, i had enough money to cover the entire bill. I can’t tell you how powerful a spiritual lesson that was for me. I am blessed and highly favored, and I know this.

Life is a wonderful mystery. If you are having a tough time. I encourage you to recognize and accept that you are much stronger and more ok than you realize. I could write volumes filled with anectdotes about how I have NEVER been alone. Even when I was naked and in jail for three terrible dark days. The light was still there. A mantra of mine is “peace be still” I speak it often to my heart space. whenever PTSD anxiety is getting the better of me. I also breath in the moment, and exhale the day.

In the future if you have a place for me to come and perform and speak about this incredible journey. please let me know.

my contact info can be found here:

If you would like to support cleaning up the last of my debt, or help get a new vehicle, then in turn help those who need an advocate on the streets. You can do so here:

Thank you for your incredible love and support through the years. I will sign off as I do with all emails to just about anyone.

Your Servant.

Ari-John White-Wolf

PS: I love you, I appreciate you. I behold the powerful spirit within you, and that you are!