Check List For Speaking

I am very willing and able to come to your place of Worship. I can perform some of my music, as well as Guest Speaker. My Sermons are mostly based on real life experiences, always ending with hope.

I do have some Things on my check list that must be acceptable practices in order for me to come to your Sacred Space or Secular Institutions. 

  • Safe Sanctuaries And Spaces
    It is imperative to me that anyone who walks through your doors. Is greeted with the same respect and dignity as your members would treat a Pastor. 
  • Respect For All Races
    Worship spaces that do not fear people different than they are who walk through their doors catch my attention!
  • Women Have Equal Opportunities
    Your Religious gathering place allows for equality and advancement within your Church or Religious Institution. That the Church Leadership is well balanced with both Men, and Women.
  • No Clothing Or Hairstyle Restrictions
    Your Institutions has no restrictions on Men or Women Clothing or Hair styles. 
  • LGBT Are Welcome
    That your House of Worship does not discriminate against any individual who identifies as LGBT. Regardless if they are involved with sexual relationships or not. Your Church must be accepting of all of God’s Children. Regardless of their Identification.
  • Social Justice Ministries
    It is my sincere wish to speak at Churches and Institutions that have a Conscience objective of some type in the very broad area of Social Justice.

    Examples: Prison Ministry, Homeless Shelter, Food Pantry, Giving Tree, Food prep for Homeless Shelters. Clothing Drive For Homeless.

Document Created December 9, 2019 by AJ White-Wolf