Jimmy: Homeless Veteran

I first met him him October 19, 2019. He is in his early Fifties, you can tell that he has had quite a few struggles. But he also seems to be very much in command of his faculties. He takes care of himself and is reluctant to accept help from others.

I met him at the Catholic neighborhood center during their Saturday free lunch program. He could tell from the way I dressed that I was a Minister. He even asked me “hey, are you a Minister?” I replied yes.

He is an Army Veteran, who sleeps in wrecked cars in a Junk Yard. He told me that stays at his mother’s house on extremely cold days. But refuses to stay there for very long, His Mother is Elderly and he doesn’t like to add to her burdens.

He called me on November 4, 2019: He is in need of cold weather items. He told me that meeting today would not work. but would call me the next day around 10am. I plan on leaving my place a little bit before the time he is calling. So that I can be kind of close to the location he said he would like to meet me at. 

I am hoping that I can connect him with the VA Homeless Program in Madison. That particular program didn’t work so well for me as there were to many meetings and micro management involved with the services. However, a program like this might help him a lot.

Someone on Twitter had purchased some nice things for him. I have them in a bag in my car. I keep hitting the center where I met him. But have not been able to locate him. I hope that he is doing ok. Last time he called me he informed me that he was on crutches. 

This is an ongoing story, more will be added later. I am hoping that he will consider doing a Video Interview with me. I really want to help get this guy off the streets.

I finally found him after two months of searching. I was able to give him the things that were purchased specifically for him. I was so happy to have located him.