About AJ White-Wolf

AJ White-WolfThe Reverend AJ White-Wolf is in Inter-Faith Ministry, and called to be an Inter-Faith Lay Minister. He has many years of Esoteric Philosophy and Religious study along with practical real life experiences.

His studies have not been through Seminary Schools or Bible Colleges. He studied many versions of the Christian Bible, the Jewish Bible, and the Koran. There have been many other religious studies and sacred texts such as the Baghdad Gita, Upanishads, Talmudic Writings, Spinoza, Drummond, Stark.

AJ White-Wolf is available to perform and speak at your institutions location. He has a deep concern for those living in poverty. His program has plans on how to help elevate others so that they can Rise Up!

His Ministry covers a wide area of topics. Some are guidelines on how to interact with other members of the church, and those outside of the church. Much what he speaks about is based entirely on the tools collected for navigating the ups and downs in his own life.

The Reverend AJ White-Wolf is an Ordained Minister in good standing with the American Fellowship Church.

Various topics can be found here.